Meet the Zimbabwean born, British raised woman who is changing the paradigm of talk.

May 26, 2019
| Report Focus News

Perseverance Magaya a presenter and host has embarked on a journey that is focused on shining light to the story behind the success of many entrepreneurs within their respective industries.

A dream she had back in 2013 has been birthed in 2019 after a few failed attempts she now finally has got her own Talk Show called ‘How Did You Get There?

Interesting fact: How Did You Get There? Is produced by a Zimbabwean production company called Royal Media founded by Theophilus Chinembiri and Season 1 has a co-host known as Joab Magara.

This makes the show hosted and produced by Zimbabwean millennials in Britain but with an audience from all over the world.

Its all in the name – the journey of becoming tends to be hushed and the glory of the process tends to be highlighted more and this has birthed a generation of people that want to be successful giving themselves titles such as CEO or MD prematurely as being an entrepreneur looks fashionable today.

Season 1 aired on YouTube Sunday 7th of April and it has now become a weekly show that most describes to be a show that is needed because not only does it talk about the process these entrepreneurs have gone through it also shows their vulnerability side and makes them more relatable and it re-births hope in those who had given up.

This talk-show is one to watch out for as it truly is becoming the show that unmasks and unveils the truth of becoming a true successful entrepreneur failures and all.

Talking about the show in words does it no justice so head over to their youtube channel and take a look for yourself.