Picture of Mnangagwa being vaccinated against cholera receive negative response

October 18, 2018
| Report Focus News

Zimbabweans have reacted angrily to a picture of President Emmerson Mnangagwa being vaccinated against cholera in Harare.

Mnangagwa posted the picture on Twitter.

“There is no bad time to get your cholera vaccine, even during a cabinet meeting! We have embarked on a vaccination drive to help protect our communities from this disease, and we encourage those in high density areas to get vaccinated,” read part of Mnangagwa’s tweet.

Dear Comrade Emmerson Dambudzo Munangagwa 1. Accept Defeat and be an Opposition Party just once…2. Respect the Will of The People of Zimbabwe ???? and step down3. Pave way for a new Government led by Nelson Chamisa.4. Vanhu vatambura because of your grip of power

— Debra (@DebraWakanaka) October 16, 2018
Even in a bread queue witnessed today in Epworth? pic.twitter.com/aHGDcwJeIq

— TeamPachedu (@PacheduZW) October 16, 2018
May you do something on prices Cde President, that’s where the war is now. I think cholera is being won. How can a kg of beef cost $14? That’s too much for an ordinary person who is earning less than $250

— langton nyoni (@langtonnyoni) October 16, 2018
Pliz comrade in the name of Christ and all that’s good, can you vaccinate the economy coz where we headed, it looks like cholera will be the least of our worries with forex rates going ballistic on an hourly basis

— Dumezwenimagaisa@gmail.com (@Dumezwenimagai1) October 16, 2018
You should have kept those USDs instead of getting your ex-japWhat did you do to get USD into this country? Nothing!Give @edmnangagwa some time not kungovukura

— Ol Dirty Bastard (@Ngonidzashek1) October 17, 2018
One vaccine wasted there. Cholera does not affect wealthy people.

— Nyamazana (@Nyamazana4) October 16, 2018
A healthy Zimbabwe needs of latest medical technological advancements. The facilities continue to deteriorate , SB and Chiwenga are receiving first class treatment in SA, what about the millions of Zimbabweans who can’t afford such. You promised modern healthcare please deliver.

— #ZIMBABWE4ALL (@witmwire) October 16, 2018
How about supplying us with clean water as taxpayers

— bree van de kamp (@according2leah) October 16, 2018
Sir, this is not fair to Zimba bweans. The same Mazoe is on promotion in most Botswana shops. Average rate BWP 11 to 1USD. Bottled by Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited, 67A Woolwich rd, Willowave pic.twitter.com/UueCbGy64o

— Tinotenda (@Lukebanda) October 16, 2018