WATCH: Stop it!, First Lady Grace Mugabe tells Midlands

September 2, 2017
| Report Focus News

The First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe says she is not convinced that there is no factionalism in the Midlands and Masvingo provinces despite earlier claims by Zanu PF Midlands Provincial Youth Chairperson, Prosper Muchando that the province is united behind President Robert Mugabe’s leadership.

Addressing thousands of party supporters during the seventh Presidential Youth Interface rally at the Mkoba open grounds in Gweru today, Dr Mugabe what they are hearing emanating the two provinces is not pleasing.

“Kubva kuma provinces aya, tinonzwa mashoko anotukirira President, anotukirira mukadzi wavo nevana vavo. Unless if you say from this minute and hour, you have changed, otherwise I am not convinced,” she said.

The First Lady said all those who claim to be loyal to President Mugabe must show that even during his absence.

She warned members of the party who pretend to love President Mugabe yet they work behind the scenes to push for their selfish and successionist agendas to stop it, adding that “your actions are known, what comes goes around comes around.”

Dr Mugabe said vying for presidency is different from applying for a job, where one goes for an interview and impresses a few panelists. “Presidency is different, you must be loved by every Zimbabwean, and not just a province.

She slammed factionalism in the party, saying God still wants President Mugabe to lead.

“Zimbabwe is blessed to have a president like Mugabe, who has been blessed with long life at 93 years old. Those insulting the president and elders and engaging in unconstructive debates bring curses upon themselves, so stop it,” Dr Mugabe said.

The First Lady also saluted the youth leadership for organising the interface rallies, saying they have given good examples to some legislators who neglect their constituencies once elected into power.

Zanu PF National Secretary for Youth Affairs, Kudzanayi Chipanga also slammed successionists in the party.

“Kurota uchitonga hazvina kuipa, chakaipa kufamba uchirotomota…..Amai naBaba Mugabe havatyityidzirwe zvekumanya, zvakangofanana nemwana wegonzo anorota achipfimba mwana wekatsi,” he said.

On war veterans, he said:  “We are happy that war veterans led by Mandi Chimene and Mlala are behind President Mugabe. The few war veterans like Victor Matemadanda are not the leaders of the war veterans. Remember, the President is also a war veteran, the Vice Presidents are also war veterans.”

Chipanga also said youths will not tolerate the imposition of candidates for next year’s elections, adding that only President Mugabe is guaranteed of his position. “All other positions are to be contested come next year. Incompetent MPs beware.”

Chipanga also unveiled the Zanu PF Youth League magazine titled: ‘The Interface,’ which records all the highlights of the Presidential Youth Interface rallies.

He confirmed that after the Presidential Youth Interface rallies in all the country’s provinces, the Youth League will organise another interface rally, where President Mugabe will meet with students at all the country’s institutions of higher and tertiary education at a venue to be finalised in consultation with the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Professor Jonathan Moyo.