Neymar could leave Barcelona next week

July 22, 2017
| Report Focus News

It’s not a summer storm, although it is intense and thunderous, nor will be over quickly, nor is it a leak for someone’s financial interest. There is a Neymar Jr. saga. The club was fully aware of the situation and was working behind the scenes, with no leaks, to put out the fire. However, it’s impossible to keep a situation quiet when it involves someone with the media presence of Neymar being “uncomfortable” at the club, as SPORT revealed in an exclusive this week. Especially when a club like PSG has made a firm offer to the player and the player himself is analysing the fine print.

The official position from Robert Fernández, Jordi Mestre and Josep Vives sends the usual message in these kinds of situation. Behind closed doors though, the club has not been wrong-footed.

“The situation is serious, there’s a real possibility that Neymar will leave this summer. I’d say there’s a 50% chance he’ll stay” the board says. And it’s not just the group closest to Josep Maria Bartomeu that is aware of what’s going on.

For a sporting and commercial icon like Neymar to be considering leaving Barça is a huge earthquake, the shockwaves of which will be felt throughout the club not just on the pitch. That’s why the club is desperate to avoid Neymar leaving.

As SPORT reported yesterday, Bartomeu talked directly to Neymar on the flight to the USA to try to convince him there was no better club for him to be at. And to take the heat out of the situation. However, although the club want Neymar to comment publicly, Neymar has no intention of doing so. He left Barcelona without speaking and has not said anything since his arrival in the USA.

PSG have kept a low profile during the saga but their Brazilian contingent (Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Dani Alves, Thiago Motta and Lucas Moura) claim that Neymar will arrive in a matter of days. What is certain is that rumours are growing in Brazil that the player won’t return to Barcelona and will leave the club’s US tour to fly directly to Paris. He won’t want to face the press that is waiting for him on his return to Barcelona. The Brazilian channel Esporte Interativo reported this week that everything will be resolved in the next “fortnight”.