Teacher who slept with school pupil she picked up on Snapchat escapes jail

June 1, 2017
| Report Focus News

A TEACHER who got into hot water for bedding a pupil after picking him up at a car wash opposite a police station has escaped jail.

Summer Sparrow, 41, had earlier dropped off her daughter at a party before responding to the pupil’s request to meet him.

The 17-year-old said Sparrow then drove him to her home where they had intercourse.

And he took a nude photo of the blonde as she lay on the bed to show his pals later that night.

Sparrow asked him not to tell anyone about what had happened when she dropped him off at a pizza restaurant, he told police.Sparrow admitted having sex with the boy in Cherryville, North Carolina, but will keep her freedom in a plea deal preventing her from teaching again.The blonde mother is also banned from entering local school property or going to events with a large gathering of pupils.

Charges against her will be dismissed if she keeps out of trouble for a year.

Sparrow picked up the student at a car wash opposite a police station

But she could face up 29 months behind bars she violates the terms of the deal.| Report Focus NewsProsecutor Locke Bell said the pupil and his family wanted to quickly resolve the case.“The young man now knows he won’t have to get up on the stand and testify,” he said.

“He won’t be subject to being bombarded on cross examination.”

Sparrow, who had taught English at Cherryville High School since 2004, started chatting with the lad on Snapchat last October.

Daily conversations led to flirting, and she ultimately accepted his request to pick him up.The lad described the layout of Sparrow’s home to police, who asked for a search warrant to seize photos of the property along with DNA evidence, computers, cameras, tablets and phones.Sparrow’s lawyer Travis Page said she would no longer teach in any capacity.“The internet is forever,” he said.

“Once these stories are published, it undermines your credibility in the classroom.”

Sparrow will have to ask probation officers for permission to attend her child’s graduation.