Preparation to invade the Republic of Korea from the waters ?

April 27, 2017
| Report Focus News

According to reports in South Korea, the US invasion troops and the South Korean naval forces have begun training on the maritime exercise to invade the Republic of Korea from the waters around the Korean Peninsula on the 25th.

The Aegis destroyer “Maier”, a member of the US Army attacking unit “Calvin Son”, is stationed in the western coast of Korea, and is launching explosive drills with tactical maneuvering and drone shooting training along with the destroyer of the South Korean Navy.

| Report Focus News

At the same time, the nuclear submarine “Michigan”, a member of the hitting team at Busan Port, is attempting to perform a blow training on the ground targets of the Republic alone.

Pirates of the “Calvinos” pavilion conducted tactical and communication exercises for two days starting on the 23rd, aimed at pressure on the Japanese “Self-Defense Forces” ships and the Republic of Korea in the waters near the Philippines.

The anti-US protesters who flocked to the side of the Chosun Peninsula with their strategic hacking means, show that the new government policy of “the greatest pressure and involvement” is the most aggressive and reckless aggression policy.