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Google forced to cancel gender memo meeting

Google has cancelled a company-wide “town hall” meeting due to fears of employee harassment. The meeting was planned to allow Google staff to discuss an internal memo regarding gender roles at the company. James Damore, an engineer at Google, was fired on Monday after
August 14, 2017

Power firms alerted on hack attack scenarios

Power firms around the world are being warned about how to spot if they are being targeted by hackers who shut down parts of Ukraine’s electricity grid. The warnings have emerged from analysis of the malware used in an attack in Ukraine
July 31, 2017

Biggest Bitcoin Exchanges Got Hacked

One of the world’s largest cyber-currency exchanges is under investigation after it acknowledged that one of its employee’s PCs had been hacked. South Korea-based Bithumb has said that it believes personal details of more than 30,000 of its customers were stolen as
July 6, 2017

Campaign calls for ban on child sex robots

A campaign has called for an outright ban on robots developed for sex. Leading academics in robot ethics have warned that their creation will only increase the objectification of women and children, further dehumanising those who are abused for sex. The warning comes as artificial
July 5, 2017

iPhone 8 LEAKS Big Time And It Looks STUNNING

The iPhone 8’s design has been revealed in an official product render from case maker Olixar Case maker Olixar has released official product images of a new screen protector designed for the iPhone 8; of course that means that the iPhone 8
June 20, 2017

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