South Sudan

The new banknote of 1,000 South Sudanese pounds

South Sudan issues new banknote amid high inflation

South Sudan’s central bank on Tuesday introduced a banknote of 1,000 South Sudanese pounds (SSP), the largest denomination in the country, amidst high inflation. The local currency continues to depreciate against foreign currencies, but Bank of South Sudan governor, Dier Tong Ngor,
February 10, 2021

Coronavirus: United Nations warns number of hungry could double

The United Nations has warned that the coronavirus pandemic could almost double the number of people around the world suffering from acute hunger, expressing concerns for people in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The United Nations’s World Food Programme
April 21, 2020

South Sudan to deport foreign employees over exploitation

South Sudan’s interior ministry is to deport 16 Kenyans and 4 Britons, employed by a private security company, following a pay dispute, allegations of unpaid taxes and the exploitation of local workers. Their deportation comes a few days after Insight Security failed
August 29, 2019

Western powers rebuke Sudan over ‘return to military rule’

The United States, United Kingdom, Norway and Canada have all expressed concern over Sudan’s “return to military rule”. “Allowing security forces to act with impunity will further erode human rights, governance and effective economic management” in Sudan, AFP quotes a joint statement
February 26, 2019

South Sudan declares state of emergency

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has declared a state of emergency in three states and ordered an immediate disarmament exercise. In a statement released on Monday night, Mr Kiir ordered his military chiefs to mobilise enough forces and equipment to enforce a
December 12, 2017

Yellow Card Insurance Scheme headache

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) countries are cracking their heads on how to revitalize the Yellow Card Insurance Scheme enacted by the bloc more than 30 years ago but has remained ineffective. The Yellow Card is a regional motor
March 29, 2017

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