Nigerians Get Google Directions in a Local Accent

The technology giant Google has given Nigerian drivers an option to hear travel advice in a local voice when they use Google Maps. The new feature with the local accent is also available on Google Assistant. Up to now, Nigerians have had
July 26, 2019
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Google forced to cancel gender memo meeting

Google has cancelled a company-wide “town hall” meeting due to fears of employee harassment. The meeting was planned to allow Google staff to discuss an internal memo regarding gender roles at the company. James Damore, an engineer at Google, was fired on Monday after
August 14, 2017


Snap, the company that’s behind the very popular image messaging app Snapchat was offered $30 Billion by Google for acquisition back in 2016, according to a report published in Business Insider. This isn’t the first time the company was given an offer
August 5, 2017
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Google+ makes me happier than Facebook

For the past week, I’ve been running a small experiment. I’ve been mirroring most of my Twitter and Facebook posts to Google+ to see how the different communities respond. The result: Google+ makes me happier. The disclaimers: This is just me, your
July 10, 2011

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