Eddie Cross

Eddie Cross

Eddie Cross resigns from the opposition party MDC

ZIMBABWE : Outgoing MDC-T Bulawayo South National Assembly member Mr Eddie Cross has resigned from the opposition party and quit politics. He said his resignation had nothing to do with the ongoing political situation in the country. “I am a retired Member
August 16, 2018
Eddie Cross

Is Eddie Cross advocating a coup in Zimbabwe?

Movement for Democratic Change legislator Eddie Cross says countries in Africa that are under the control of the new elite, the post independence generation, are making huge strides while those under the control of the “veterans of the long march” like Zimbabwe
October 31, 2017
Eddie Cross

Tsvangirai Advisor – I have cancer too

MDC-T top official Eddie Cross has revealed his own battles with prostate cancer as he tried to justify his recent comment that MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s colon cancer could render him unfit to continue at the helm of his party, NewZimbabwe.com reported.
October 23, 2017

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