CCC Faces Criticism for Internal Discord as ZANU PF Secures National Assembly Majority Following By-Elections

April 28, 2024
MAHARE AND DAVID | Report Focus News
David Coltat (Left) Fadzai Mahere(Right)

Harare, Zimbabwe – ZANU PF’s by-election victories in Mt Pleasant and Harare East, following the resignations of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members Fadzayi Mahere and Rusty Markham, have given the ruling party a majority in Zimbabwe’s National Assembly. These results have prompted significant criticism directed at the CCC, highlighting internal discord and raising questions about the opposition’s leadership and strategy.

In a Twitter conversation, CCC member David Coltart suggested that the resignations were the result of complex circumstances, pointing to alleged illegal recalls and systemic violence against campaign members. However, other CCC members, including Chalton Hwende, expressed discontent with this interpretation. Hwende questioned why the so-called “blue movement” fielded candidates while claiming solidarity with CCC President Nelson Chamisa, suggesting that there might have been misrepresentation or deception in play.

Fadzayi Mahere, another key figure within the CCC, reiterated that the resignations weren’t voluntary, noting the violent threats and lack of accountability that led to their departure. She highlighted that the current political environment under ZANU PF’s influence made it difficult for opposition members to operate without facing considerable risks.

These internal debates within the CCC have sparked broader discussions on the future of Zimbabwean politics and the effectiveness of opposition parties in challenging ZANU PF’s strengthened position. With the ruling party now holding a majority in the National Assembly, the spotlight is on the CCC’s leadership and their approach to addressing internal discord while pushing back against ZANU PF’s dominance.

Observers suggest that the CCC must address these internal issues and present a united front to effectively challenge ZANU PF in the evolving political landscape. As the country navigates these changes, the focus remains on how the opposition will respond to these by-election results and the broader implications for Zimbabwe’s democratic process.