Controversial Cleric Passion Java and Businessman Mike Chimombe Accused in Violent Assault Case

March 14, 2024
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Controversial Cleric Passion Java and Businessman Mike Chimombe Accused in Violent Assault Case

HARARE – In a shocking incident that has rattled the local community, controversial cleric Passion Java and prominent businessman Mike Chimombe have found themselves at the center of a serious police investigation following a violent altercation at Rainbow Towers hotel on Wednesday night. The pair are accused of hiring assailants to attack businessman Andrew Manongore, leaving him severely injured, over a personal dispute.

According to allegations, the confrontation stemmed from derogatory comments made by Manongore, who referred to Chimombe as a “broke man.” Further complicating the scandal, rumors are circulating that Java’s motive for the assault was fueled by jealousy, accusing Manongore of engaging in a relationship with his girlfriend, model Hillary Makaya, although these claims remain unverified.

Eyewitness accounts detail a harrowing scene, where the hired attackers not only physically assaulted Manongore but also allegedly robbed him of US$18,000. Adding to the gravity of the situation, Chimombe is reported to have escalated the encounter by brandishing a firearm at one of the security personnel present during the incident.

The case has since been registered at Harare Central Police Station under report number IR 030777, signaling the beginning of a formal investigation into the assault and the serious allegations surrounding it. Despite multiple attempts to reach out for comment, Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi has remained unavailable, leaving a veil of silence over the police department’s response to these grave accusations.

This incident has sparked widespread concern and condemnation from the public and authorities alike, highlighting the urgent need for a thorough and transparent investigation to ensure justice is served. The community awaits further developments as the police delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding this disturbing event.