Namibian President Hage Geingob Passes Away at 82 Amid Cancer Treatment

February 4, 2024
Namibian President Hage Geingob Passes Away at 82 Amid Cancer Treatment | Report Focus News
Namibian President Hage Geingob Passes Away at 82 Amid Cancer Treatment

Windhoek, Namibia – President Hage Geingob, a central figure in Namibia’s political landscape and a beacon of its liberation struggle, has passed away at the age of 82, confirmed the President’s office. The announcement comes shortly after it was revealed that President Geingob was undergoing treatment for cancer.

President Geingob’s demise occurred on Sunday at Lady Pohamba Hospital in Windhoek, in the presence of his family, according to a statement by Acting President Nangolo Mbumba. The nation mourns the loss of a leader described as “a distinguished servant of the people, a liberation struggle icon, the chief architect of our constitution, and the pillar of the Namibian house.”

In a heartfelt message, Acting President Mbumba called for national unity and calm as the country prepares for state arrangements and protocols to honor the late president’s legacy. Further details regarding the arrangements will be communicated in due course.

The late president’s battle with cancer was made public last month when his office disclosed the discovery of “cancerous cells” during a medical examination. Despite his diagnosis, President Geingob was determined to continue his duties, even planning a trip to the United States for medical care, with a scheduled return to Namibia on February 2.

President Geingob’s health issues were not new; he had previously undergone brain surgery in 2013 and disclosed surviving prostate cancer the following year. In addition, he had aortic surgery in South Africa last year.

Having served as Namibia’s third president since its independence in 1990, Geingob’s tenure followed a notable 12-year period as the country’s Prime Minister. His leadership came at a crucial time for Namibia, a former German colony that achieved independence from South Africa.

With the country poised for presidential and parliamentary elections in November, Geingob’s passing marks the end of an era. He was constitutionally barred from seeking re-election, having served the maximum two terms. The ruling SWAPO Party’s presidential candidate, Nandi-Ndaitwah, is poised to become the nation’s first female head of state if elected, marking another significant milestone in Namibia’s history.

President Geingob’s legacy is a testament to his lifelong dedication to Namibia’s sovereignty, democracy, and development. As the nation mourns, the government and its citizens unite in remembrance of a leader whose contributions have indelibly shaped their country’s path toward a brighter future.