Zambian Government and Key Figures Clash Over Controversial Documentary “The Grand Scheme

September 18, 2023
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LUSAKA – Zambia’s Ministry of Information and Media has voiced its concerns over a new documentary named “The Grand Scheme.”

Produced by an international news outlet in collaboration with a foreign nation, the documentary has become a hot topic due to its claims about political plots and governmental changes in Zambia and its adjacent nations.

A report by the Lusaka Times revealed a statement by Hon. Chushi Kasanda, MP, the head of the Ministry of Information and Media. She questioned the involvement of Zambians like Fred M’membe, Emmanuel Mwamba, Chilufya Tayali, and Raphael Nakachinda in the documentary. Describing them as “charlatans,” Kasanda said their actions might strain Zambia’s bond with Zimbabwe.

Kasanda expressed her shock at these figures for allegedly tarnishing their nation and its leader on an international stage, causing potential harm to Zambia’s reputation. She described them as unsuccessful political figures looking for foreign backing to undermine Zambia’s legitimately elected officials, attributing their actions to their opposition to President Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND government.

Furthermore, Kasanda pointed out the documentary’s negative portrayal of Dr. Nevers Mumba, associated with SADC initiatives. She prompted the Zambian populace to scrutinize the motives of these opposition figures, doubting their national loyalty and ethical standards.

Dr. Nevers Mumba, a central figure in the documentary, countered the claims with a firm statement denouncing the film and its creators. He blamed five Zambians—Fred M’membe, Given Lubinda, Raphael Nakachinda, Emmanuel Mwamba, and Chilufya Tayali—for teaming up with Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF and its broadcasting service to create a “careless” and “anti-Zambian” documentary.

Dr. Mumba categorized the documentary as more than just political, viewing it as an act of national treachery and espionage. He stated that it was filled with unfounded allegations, defamatory content, and disparaging remarks against him and President Hakainde Hichilema. Highlighting the seriousness of hinting that a reigning President aims to topple nearby governments for Western entities, he deemed it a national security risk.

He urged a comprehensive probe into the documentary, hinting that the legal realm should address this perceived national security infringement.