Public Announcement: Journalist Brilliant Pongo Issues Statement Regarding Death Threat

August 22, 2023
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Report focus news - Brilliant Pongo

London, August 22, 2023 – For over two decades, I have dedicated my life to journalism, often navigating dangerous situations in pursuit of the truth. From my early years in Zimbabwe to more recent endeavors, I have never encountered a direct death threat, until now. It is with great concern that I share my recent experience involving a death threat issued by Terrance Madiro, an associate of Ambassador Uebert Angel.

I’ve had a longstanding acquaintance with Terrance, stemming from a time when I worked alongside Uebert, providing public relations services. Our paths crossed again when we rekindled communication, and he played a crucial role in mending relations between Uebert and me after a falling out. In the past, I chose to remain silent about Uebert’s activities. However, recent events have taken an alarming turn.

Terrance Madiro an associate of Ambassador Uebert Angel | Report Focus News
Terrance Madiro an associate of Ambassador Uebert Angel

A particular catalyst appears to have spooked Ambassador Uebert Angel and his associates, who have taken extreme measures to silence me. A team led by Terrance Madiro has gone to great lengths, including a brazen attack on my home in Bulawayo. They vandalized property without theft or looting, instilling fear in my loved ones.

I have informed the authorities in England about these events, although I have not reported the vandalism in Zimbabwe. Regrettably, the system there appears to favor Ambassador Uebert Angel and his associates, who claim political backing from ZanuPF. Terrance Madiro boasts of close ties and access to President Mnangagwa, which he seems to be abusing for malicious purposes.

These attacks coincide with election season, a tactic seemingly intended to conceal their actions behind the veil of election violence. However, their arrogance betrayed them when they openly bragged about their actions, possibly hoping to intimidate me into silence.

In light of this, I have been advised to take the death threat seriously. Any threat to one’s safety should never be underestimated, irrespective of its source. To address this situation, I am taking the following steps:

1. Documenting the Threat: I have diligently recorded all messages, emails, and evidence related to the threat, including timestamps and identifying information.

2. Reporting to Authorities: I have already contacted local law enforcement agencies and provided them with the information at my disposal. Their involvement is crucial for assessing the threat and taking appropriate action.

3. Notifying My colleagues : I have informed my fellow editors and others in the field about the threat. Their support and cooperation are essential to ensuring my safety and taking necessary precautions.

4. Seeking Legal Advice: I am consulting with a legal expert specializing in media law to understand my rights and explore legal options.

I am sharing this statement as a public record to ensure accountability. Should there be further attacks on my person or property, Ambassador Uebert Angel and his associates must be held responsible. If any harm comes to my family as a result of the threat issued by Terrance Madiro, who works for the Ambassador, then Ambassador Uebert Angel should be held accountable for orchestrating such a dangerous situation.

As a journalist committed to the principles of truth and transparency, I vow to continue my work without fear, uncovering the facts that matter to our society. The pursuit of truth remains unwavering, even in the face of adversity.

Brilliant Pongo