Mthuli Ncube offers free driving lessons to jobless youth in Cowdray Park constituency

April 15, 2023
Zimbabwes finance Minister Mthuli Ncube | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe’s finance Minister Mthuli Ncube

Aspiring MP for Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park constituency, Mthuli Ncube, has been making headlines with his latest campaign strategy. The Finance and Economic Development Minister, who is running on the ZANU PF ticket, has been offering free driving lessons to jobless youths in the area.

According to reports, Ncube’s campaign teams have been providing driving lessons to the youth of Cowdray Park for some time now. However, it was only recently that the program gained attention from the media.

The initiative has received mixed reactions from residents, with some praising Ncube for his efforts to empower the youth, while others question its relevance.

ZANU PF Bulawayo spokesperson Archibold Chiponda defended the move, stating that the party was simply responding to the needs of the community. He argued that driving is a valuable skill that could lead to employment opportunities for young people.

“When Zimbabweans are empowered, the party benefits because it’s the governing Party,” he added.

Chiponda also revealed that over 1,000 youths had already registered for the driving lessons, which are being conducted in the constituency to help reduce transport costs.

However, some residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the initiative. Nontokozo Ndlovu, a Cowdray Park youth, said that they needed employment opportunities, not driving lessons.

Meanwhile, Yolanda Sibanda, another resident, said that the community needed more pressing social amenities such as good roads and clean water.

Ncube, who is also promising to install Wi-Fi in the constituency to enable communication, is set to face CCC member Thokozani Khupe in the upcoming elections.

It remains to be seen whether his campaign strategy will pay off in the end, but one thing is for sure, Ncube is taking an innovative approach to canvassing for votes.