UFIC’s Chitungwiza Basilica Church Grand Opening Attracts Hundreds of Worshipers and Global Attention

April 10, 2023
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Makandiwa’s “spiritual father” Victor Kusi Boateng,

The United Family International Church (UFIC) led by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has officially opened its multi-million-dollar Chitungwiza Basilica church. The historic moment was witnessed by hundreds of congregants who gathered for the grand opening ceremony yesterday.

The construction of the church began in 2011, but it was stalled due to clashes with the Environmental Management Agency, which claimed that the property was built on a wetland. However, after several legal battles, the church was given the go-ahead to continue with the construction.

The Chitungwiza Basilica is a masterpiece of architecture, with state-of-the-art facilities that can accommodate thousands of worshippers. It boasts a high-tech sound system, giant screens, and air conditioning, among other amenities.

The grand opening ceremony was attended by Makandiwa’s “spiritual father” Victor Kusi Boateng, who heads the Power Chapel Worldwide, which is headquartered in Kumasi, Ghana. Speaking at the event, Boateng commended Makandiwa for running the church smoothly and suggested that other nations could learn a lot from the organization.

UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufa said that the church was built by the prophet, his wife, and family. Kufa added that the opening of the Chitungwiza Basilica was a historic moment for the UFIC and its congregants.

The UFIC has been growing rapidly in recent years, with Makandiwa’s charismatic leadership attracting large crowds. The opening of the Chitungwiza Basilica is expected to further boost the church’s profile and attract even more worshippers.

Overall, the UFIC’s Chitungwiza Basilica is a testament to the power of faith and determination. Despite the challenges faced during its construction, the church has emerged as a stunning masterpiece that will undoubtedly serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for many years to come.