Mnangagwa cites bad roads for accident that killed 6 Zanu-PF supporters

March 29, 2023
Tragic Accident Kills Six Zanu PF Members in Buhera | Report Focus News
Tragic Accident Kills Six Zanu PF Members in Buhera

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has expressed his condolences following a fatal road accident that claimed the lives of six Zanu-PF supporters in Buhera over the weekend. The supporters were returning home after taking part in the party’s primary elections. Seventeen others were seriously injured in the head-on collision between two trucks, one of which was carrying over 40 passengers.

President Mnangagwa has ordered state assistance for the funeral of the victims and has directed the government to draw resources from the public purse to help the bereaved families. He also wished a speedy recovery to the injured, urging all road users to exercise extreme caution while the government worked to restore and improve the country’s road infrastructure.

“Most of our roads are presently in a bad state following the heavy rains that we received this year,” said Mnangagwa. “As we work to restore and improve our road infrastructure, including the Murambinda-Birchenough Road which has remained outstanding for too long, I implore road users to exercise extreme care and caution in the meantime.”

The accident comes at a critical time for the country, which is gearing up for the 2023 Harmonised General Elections. Mnangagwa, who is seeking re-election, expressed his shock and sorrow over the accident and assured the nation that the government would take all necessary steps to ensure road safety.

“On behalf of the Nation, the Party Zanu-PF, Government, my family, and indeed on my behalf, I wish to express my deepest, heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families,” said Mnangagwa. “In the same spirit, I wish speedy recovery to all those who sustained injuries from the unfortunate incident.”