Zimbabwean Opposition Leader Chamisa’s Party CCC Condemns Government’s Threats Against Journalists

March 29, 2023
CCCFadzaiMahere | Report Focus News

The opposition party Country Concerned Citizens (CCC), led by Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, has issued a statement condemning the Zimbabwean government’s treatment of journalists. The organization expressed its concern over the continued threats, harassment, and intimidation that journalists face from the regime in Harare.

“We have noted with great concern the continued threats, harassment, and intimidation of journalists by the regime in Harare,” the CCC said in its statement. “We add our voice in support of all journalists who are subject to threats, harassment, and worse because of the work that they do.”

The CCC emphasized the importance of journalists in informing the public and maintaining a healthy democracy. “The work of journalists is vital to an informed public and a healthy democracy. Criticism, critical analysis, and exposing unethical practices come with the job,” the statement read.

The CCC strongly condemned the behavior of government officials who are responsible for the threats and harassment of journalists. “It should be obvious to all Zimbabweans that this harassment and threats by top government officials are unacceptable. When the threats come from government officials, it is even worse,” the CCC said.

The organization called for the protection of journalists from both private and public media houses, stating that their safety must be a priority. “A CCC government will support all members of the fourth estate, both from the private and public media houses. We will pay attention to the safety of journalists and to respect press freedom, which is vital to a functioning democracy and exposing wrongdoing,” the statement continued.

The treatment of journalists in Zimbabwe has been a long-standing issue. The government has been accused of using various tactics to silence critical voices, including arrests, physical assaults, and intimidation. The situation has led to a decline in press freedom in the country, with Zimbabwe ranking 130 out of 180 countries in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index.

The CCC’s statement is a significant development in the ongoing struggle for press freedom in Zimbabwe. The opposition party’s call to action highlights the urgent need for measures to protect journalists and ensure that they can do their job without fear of retaliation.

“As an opposition party, we strongly condemn this behavior. We urge the Zimbabwean government to take immediate action to address this issue and protect the rights of journalists,” the CCC said.

It is hoped that the CCC’s statement will help to raise awareness of the issue and prompt the Zimbabwean government to take action to protect journalists and their rights.