ZAPU Calls for Action Following Al Jazeera’s Shocking Exposé of Zimbabwe’s Ruling Elite

March 24, 2023
| Report Focus News
Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa, left, is greeted as he arrives at Robert Mugabe International Airport in Harare on Monday.

Zimbabwean political party, ZAPU, has issued a statement in response to the recent Al Jazeera documentaries that have exposed the systematic looting and plundering of the country’s resources by the ruling elite. The first of four installments was released and has revealed how the ZANU PF party has kept the country in perpetual poverty, while allowing fake prophets, criminals, and state operatives to make millions from national resources.

ZAPU has stated that they are appalled but not shocked by the revelations, as they have known that their former colleagues in the ruling party have never sacrificed for the black majority. The party highlights that over 20,000 of their supporters were murdered in cold blood as a result of the masterminds of the genocide who are now occupying the highest offices in the land. To protect their lootocracy, the ruling elite even deposed their own godfather through a coup.

ZAPU has called on all Zimbabweans, civic organizations, political parties, religious groups, student movements, and the youth to prepare for action that will demand those implicated to account for their actions. They have cautioned every Zimbabwean to wait until all four documentaries are released before any action is taken. The party has implored all those implicated, including those yet to be implicated, to relinquish public office immediately and for private citizens to bring into confidence the general population by exposing the real culprits in government robes.

The statement concludes by urging Zimbabweans to unite in their desire to save their motherland from the vultures in sheep clothing. ZAPU is ready and willing to be part of this revolutionary effort, and consultations will begin in earnest. After the last episode of the documentary, ZAPU will be making an unequivocal call to action.

The shocking revelations by Al Jazeera have exposed the mafia syndicate that was birthed through the 2017 military coup, according to ZAPU. The party emphasizes that nobody can be fooled by attempts to frame the looting as a sanction-busting scheme. Instead, the revelations have pointed at the cracks on the walls of Jericho. Zimbabweans must understand that all they have to do is push, and the walls will collapse.

ZAPU can be contacted via telephone at +263 782 444 020/ +263 772 313 809, or by visiting their national head office at No 8 Rudd Road Northend, Bulawayo. Their website is also available at