ZANU PF’s New Strategy: Fresh Faces and Popular Celebrities to Represent the Party in Upcoming Elections

March 20, 2023
Zanupf win | Report Focus News
Zanupf win

In a surprising move, Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU PF, has announced that it will be fielding fresh faces and popular celebrities in the upcoming elections, ditching its traditional strategy of relying on elderly candidates. The decision has caused a stir among political commentators and the public, as it marks a departure from the party’s long-held approach to politics.

ZANU PF’s new recruits include popular musicians Sandra Ndebele and DJ Levels of Chillspot Records, among others, who will represent the party in urban areas. This move is seen as an attempt to attract younger voters who have traditionally been more supportive of the opposition party, CCC, and their young leader, Chamisa.

The revolutionary party has been accused of being out of touch with the younger generation, but this new strategy might just be their ticket to success. However, it remains to be seen whether these fresh faces and popular celebrities will be able to connect with voters and effectively represent the party’s policies and vision.

Commenting on the decision, ZANU PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said, “We are excited to have these young and talented individuals on board. They bring a new energy and perspective to the party, and we believe they will help us connect with the youth of Zimbabwe. We are confident that they will be strong representatives for the party in the upcoming elections.”

The move by ZANU PF has shaken up the political landscape in Zimbabwe, and many are now eagerly awaiting the outcome of the upcoming elections. Only time will tell whether this new strategy will be a game-changer for the ruling party or not.