Zimbabwean Rapper Holy Ten Embraces Tradition and Pays Lobola

March 18, 2023
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Holy Ten, the controversial yet immensely talented Zimbabwean rapper, has made headlines once again by embracing his country’s traditions and getting traditionally married to his fiancé, Kim Kimberly. The couple participated in a lobola ceremony, a long-standing and revered Zimbabwean tradition that involves the payment of a bride price to the woman’s family.

Lobola is a ceremony that dates back centuries and is still widely practiced in Zimbabwe and many other African countries. It is a symbolic exchange of gifts, often in the form of cattle or money, that are given by the groom to the bride’s family as a sign of respect, gratitude, and a promise of commitment. The ceremony is seen as a way of uniting two families and is considered a significant milestone in a couple’s relationship.

Holy Ten’s decision to participate in the lobola ceremony is a reflection of his deep connection to his Zimbabwean roots and his respect for the country’s traditions. As a well-known figure and leader among Zimbabwean youth, Holy Ten’s decision to embrace lobola and other cultural practices is a positive example for young people across the country.

Holy Ten’s rise to fame in recent years has been nothing short of meteoric. His unique style and socially conscious lyrics have earned him a legion of fans both in Zimbabwe and abroad. Despite his controversial and often provocative content, Holy Ten has remained true to himself and his roots, using his platform to bring attention to social issues and to inspire young people to be true to themselves.

With his lobola ceremony, Holy Ten has shown that he is not only a talented artist but also a cultural ambassador for Zimbabwe. His embrace of tradition and commitment to his community make him a role model for young people everywhere.