Winky D’s Performance Shut Down by Police – Zimbabwean Musicians Face Brutal Crackdown on Free Expression

March 5, 2023
Winky D 1 | Report Focus News
Winky D 1

Zimbabwean Dance Hall sensation Winky D was dramatically dragged offstage by police at a recent gig in Chitungwiza, just moments after performing his politically-charged hit “Ibotso”. Eyewitnesses report that police officers, some in plain clothes, surrounded the star before forcefully removing him from the stage, leaving thousands of fans chanting “Siyayi Gaffa” in protest.

This latest crackdown on artistic expression in Zimbabwe is just one example of the ongoing repression of free speech and political dissent in the troubled African nation. For years, musicians have been at the forefront of political activism and social commentary in Zimbabwe, using their music to highlight issues such as corruption, human rights abuses, and economic inequality.

However, their efforts have been met with a brutal response from the government, with musicians who speak out against the authorities often labeled as “enemies of the state” and subjected to harassment, intimidation, and even arrest.

Despite these challenges, many Zimbabwean musicians remain committed to their craft and the cause of social justice, using their art to speak truth to power and fight for a better future for their country. But with the authorities cracking down harder than ever, the future for Zimbabwean musicians remains uncertain.