Ambassador Uebert Angel’s role in the Zimbabwean government made clear

March 3, 2023
Ubert Angel bring investors to Zimbabwe | Report Focus News
Ubert Angel bringing investors to Zimbabwe

Recent information has shed new light on the role of Ambassador Uebert Angel in Zimbabwe’s government and investment promotion. Despite earlier reports suggesting that his role was restrictive, it appears that Ambassador Angel’s primary responsibility is to attract investors to Zimbabwe by promoting the country’s resource base and capabilities, rather than structuring deals.

While Ambassador Angel is not officially representing the government or the president, he uses his title to add credibility to his sales pitch. However, it is important to note that he is not on the list of Zimbabwean ambassadors and was not sworn in like other ambassadors. Additionally, he is not receiving a salary or state benefits and does not have state security. Consequently, he is not a traditional government official but a salesperson for the country.

A recent documentary that investigated Ambassador Angel suggested that he was trying to move money out of Zimbabwe, but this is not accurate. His focus was on attracting investors to Zimbabwe and bringing money into the country’s economy. The money was intended to go to the Reserve Bank, and he took steps to prevent unauthorized individuals from reaching the president.

In a country facing heavy sanctions, a skilled salesperson is necessary to attract investors and bring in much-needed capital. Ambassador Angel’s role is to serve as a powerful lure to attract investors, but the actual deal-making process is handled by government officials. It is essential to have a skilled salesperson like Ambassador Angel, who can communicate the country’s capabilities and overcome the challenges of operating under sanctions.

Ambassador Angel’s role in Zimbabwe’s investment promotion is critical to the country’s economic growth and development. By using his position and influence to attract investment, he is helping to create opportunities for the country’s people and facilitate economic progress.

However, it is also important to ensure transparency and accountability in the investment promotion process. The government must ensure that all deals are structured fairly and that the benefits of investment are shared equitably among the people of Zimbabwe. It is also crucial to have a regulatory framework in place to protect the interests of investors and ensure that investments are sustainable and contribute to long-term economic development.

In conclusion, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador Uebert Angel plays a vital role in the country’s investment promotion efforts. While his position is primarily promotional, his influence and credibility as an ambassador serve as a powerful lure for investors. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure transparency and accountability in the investment promotion process and have a regulatory framework in place to protect the interests of both investors and the people of Zimbabwe.