Zimbabwean Comedienne Mai TT Faces Fraud and Theft Charges over US$10,000 Loan

March 2, 2023
MAITT | Report Focus News
Mai TT jailed 9 months

Popular Zimbabwean comedienne, Felistas “Mai TT” Murata, made headlines on Thursday when she appeared in court facing charges of fraud and theft of trust property. Mai TT is accused of borrowing US$10,000 from a local businesswoman before surrendering a hired vehicle as collateral security.

The case has caused a stir on social media, with fans and critics alike expressing their views on the matter. Some have expressed shock and disappointment, while others have come to Mai TT’s defense, arguing that she is being unfairly targeted.

The charges against Mai TT stem from an incident in 2020, when she allegedly borrowed US$10,000 from a local businesswoman named Memory Muyaka. Mai TT is said to have promised to repay the loan within a month, but failed to do so.

In an effort to secure the loan, Mai TT allegedly surrendered a hired vehicle as collateral security. However, when the loan became due, Mai TT reportedly failed to repay it, and also failed to return the vehicle to its owner.

Muyaka eventually reported the matter to the police, leading to Mai TT’s arrest and subsequent appearance in court on Thursday. Mai TT has denied the charges against her, and has been granted bail pending trial.

The case has generated a lot of interest in Zimbabwe, where Mai TT is a well-known and popular figure. Mai TT first gained fame as a comedian, before branching out into other areas such as music and acting. She has a large following on social media, where she often shares her views on a range of topics.

Some of Mai TT’s fans have expressed their support for her on social media, arguing that she is being unfairly targeted. Others have criticized her actions, saying that she should have repaid the loan as promised.

The case is yet to be resolved, and it remains to be seen what the outcome will be. However, it serves as a reminder of the importance of financial responsibility and the need to honor agreements and commitments.

In conclusion, the charges against Mai TT are a reminder that even public figures are not above the law. While Mai TT has denied the charges against her, it is clear that the matter will have a lasting impact on her reputation and career. Ultimately, it is up to the courts to determine the truth of the matter and to administer justice fairly and impartially.