Rwanda to Increase Recruitment of Zimbabwean Teachers for Science and English Subjects

February 28, 2023
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Rwanda president and Zimbabwe President

Kigali, Rwanda – Rwanda is set to increase the recruitment of Zimbabwean teachers, with a particular emphasis on science subjects and English. The growing diplomatic relations between the two countries have brought many benefits to the education sector, and more than 150 Zimbabwean teachers are already working in Rwanda.

Their impressive performance in setting up effective education structures that have improved the quality of education in Rwanda has seen demand soar, with the Central African country now seeking to recruit more teachers. Rwanda’s Minister of Education, Dr Valentine Uwamariya, confirmed that the recruitment process would be based on merit, given the high standards of education in Zimbabwe.

Dr Uwamariya made the announcement on the sidelines of the just-ended Rwanda National Dialogue in Kigali, where recreational facilities were also identified as a potential solution to challenges affecting young people, such as drug abuse and teen pregnancies.

During the two-day event, ordinary citizens had the opportunity to engage with the national leadership on social and economic challenges facing the country. The dialogue provided a platform for citizens to voice their concerns, and discussions focused on identifying solutions to tackle these issues.

The growing collaboration between Zimbabwe and Rwanda is expected to bring more opportunities and benefits for both countries, particularly in the education sector. The recruitment of more Zimbabwean teachers in Rwanda is just one example of the mutual cooperation and support that exists between the two nations.