Zimbabwe’s Ruling Party Blames Opposition for Rising Drug Abuse Among Youth

February 24, 2023
Mutsvangwa | Report Focus News

Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU PF, has blamed the main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for the increasing rate of drug abuse among young people in the country. According to ZANU PF, the issue of “urban decay” has necessitated the scourge of drug abuse among young people. The government recently expressed concern over the prevalence of drug and substance abuse in learning institutions and called for security services to take action against drug peddlers.

While admitting the government’s responsibility in dealing with the issue, Zanu PF Secretary for Information, Christopher Mutsvangwa, pointed out that urban decay has eroded the hope of young people, leading to drug abuse. Mutsvangwa accused CCC councillors of neglecting their responsibilities in managing urban areas and failing to create a sense of purpose for young people.

The allegations have been refuted by CCC, which has called on the government to address the drug abuse menace, accusing some drug peddlers of being linked to the ruling party. The government has been criticized by some for not being sincere in tackling the issue, with drug lords reportedly roaming residential areas.

Meanwhile, a Member of Parliament has quizzed the government on its planned measures to tackle drug abuse and called on the Home Affairs to address parliament. Zimbabwe has also announced plans to beef up security at border posts to stop the inward smuggling of illegal drugs.