Tembe Family top Suspects in AKA’s execution: Speculation and Official Statement

February 12, 2023
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The Tembe family has been named as potential suspects in the death of AKA, a South African rapper. The speculation arose after it was revealed that the alleged attack took place in Durban, where AKA was previously engaged to Anele Tembe, the daughter of the Tembe family.

Tragically, Anele died by suicide in Cape Town in 2021, with AKA being the only witness to the event. Despite an investigation by the SAPS, there has been no resolution in the case, leading some to believe that the Tembe family may have ordered a hit on AKA.

The Tembe family has released a statement in response to the speculation, but it does not address the rumors. Instead, the statement pays tribute to what could have been AKA’s relationship with the family. Moses Tembe, Anele’s father, was reportedly in deep pain after hearing of AKA’s death and expressed his feelings in a eulogy.

He suggested that his daughter’s death was due to a combination of substance abuse, existing mental health problems, and the toxicity of her relationship with AKA.

It is worth noting that the Tembe family had invited AKA to Anele’s funeral and had him sit alone, but he was not given the opportunity to deliver a eulogy.

Despite this, the public continues to question the family’s involvement in AKA’s death.