Zimbabwe Election Survey Draws Controversy

February 9, 2023
| Report Focus News

A recent survey on the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe, conducted by Sabi Strategy Group for the Brenthurst Foundation, has sparked controversy and criticism. The survey, led by Dr. Greg Mills, predicted that opposition leader Nelson Chamisa would win the 2023 elections.

Critics, including members of the ruling Zanu-PF party, have accused the survey of being flawed and biased towards the opposition. They have also raised concerns about the Brenthurst Foundation’s ties to organizations with apartheid roots and connections to the West.

Political commentator Tafadzwa Mugwadi dismissed the survey, stating that the ruling party is not influenced by the opinions of foreign organizations. He believes the report is being used to gain support for Mr. Chamisa and potentially challenge the outcome of the election.

Opposition leader Linda Masarira has also criticized the survey and Brenthurst Foundation, claiming that they have ties to Anglo American and have biased interests.

The controversy surrounding the survey highlights the tensions and political divisions in Zimbabwe as the country prepares for its upcoming elections. The results of the survey are being closely watched and the international community is paying close attention to the situation in the country.