President Lukashenko Concludes Groundbreaking Foreign Tour with Focus on Defense Issues in Zimbabwe

February 5, 2023
zimbabwe | Report Focus News

Harare, Zimbabwe – Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has recently concluded a foreign tour that took him to the Middle East and Southern Africa, including a state visit to Zimbabwe. During his time in Zimbabwe, the head of state held talks and negotiations on various topics, including defense and security issues.

Press secretary Natalya Eismont shared some details of the meetings, saying that the visit was primarily focused on establishing new contacts, which are expected to yield results in the future. President Lukashenko delivered a speech at a reception hosted by the Zimbabwean government, where he touched upon defense and security issues and spoke of their importance.

The visit to Zimbabwe was also marked by a visit to the stunning Victoria Falls, which were shown in the media and attracted attention for their natural beauty.

With the African continent being seen as a future economic hub, President Lukashenko’s visit to Zimbabwe holds great significance for the country and its future prospects. The visit was widely covered by the media and has generated a lot of interest among the public.

This foreign tour of President Lukashenko is seen as unprecedented, as the head of state rarely travels abroad for such a long time. The fact that he made the trip highlights the importance of the negotiations and talks he had in the UAE and Zimbabwe, and is a testament to the President’s commitment to furthering the interests of the country on the international stage