Is Nelson Chamisa a ‘Zanu-PF Project’?

January 30, 2023
| Report Focus News

The political situation in Zimbabwe is complex and multifaceted, with a number of different actors and factors at play. One of the key questions that has been raised in recent years is the role of Nelson Chamisa, the opposition leader of the yet to be launched Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) a breakaway from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) a faction of the MDC Alliance (CCA).

Some have suggested that Chamisa may be a “Zanu PF project,” working to undermine the opposition and preserve the ruling party’s grip on power. There are a few pieces of evidence that have been cited to support this theory.

First, Chamisa has not faced the same level of harassment and repression as other opposition leaders in Zimbabwe, such as the late Morgan Tsvangirai. While Tsvangirai was arrested multiple times and faced violence and intimidation from the government, Chamisa has largely been able to operate without interference. Indeed, Chamisa and his Lieutenant Gift Ostalos Siziba have never been bothered by the authorities in ways that Job Sikala or even Professor Madhuku have in the past.

Second, Chamisa has not been as vocal in calling for the release of Job Sikhala, a prominent opposition member who was arrested and charged with subversion in 2019. And was recently incarcerated and is reportedly ill in prison awaiting trial. Some have criticized Chamisa for not doing more to advocate for Sikhala’s release, and for not boycotting parliament or protesting until his release.
It’s business as usual for Chamisa basically quoting scripture verses and tweeting promises of change and spaghetti junctions.

Indeed, some have argued that Chamisa’s actions and statements suggest that he is more interested in maintaining a facade of democracy and opposition in Zimbabwe, rather than truly challenging the ruling party. For example, Chamisa has not called for mass protests or civil disobedience, and has not advocated for the overthrow of the government.

However, it’s important to note that these observations are largely speculative and not conclusive evidence that Chamisa is a “Zanu-PF project.” It’s possible that Chamisa has been able to avoid harassment and repression because he has not directly threatened the ruling party’s grip on power, or that he has chosen to focus on other tactics to challenge the government. Additionally, Chamisa has been vocal in calling for free and fair elections, which is one of the key demands of the opposition movement in Zimbabwe.

Overall, the political situation in Zimbabwe is complex, and it is difficult to say with certainty what is driving the actions of any one individual or group. However, it is clear that the opposition movement in Zimbabwe faces significant challenges, and that the ruling party has a strong grip on power. Whether Chamisa is a “Zanu-PF project” or not, it is important for the international community to continue to support the rights and freedoms of all Zimbabweans, and to advocate for free and fair elections in the country.