Former Cop Charged with Multiple Murders, Key Witness in Case to be Released

January 25, 2023
muvevi accused 760 | Report Focus News
muvevi accused 760

The state has dropped charges against Nyasha Eusen, who had been accused of killing Nyarai Round in November, after it was revealed that the victim was actually shot by former cop Jaison Muvevi. Muvevi is currently facing multiple murder charges. Eusen, who has been in jail since November 30, will now serve as a key witness against Muvevi in court.

According to the state, Eusen was present when Muvevi allegedly shot Round. Eusen is expected to appear in court again on Wednesday as a star witness against Muvevi. The state confirmed the withdrawal of charges before a Harare magistrate on Tuesday.

Muvevi was recently charged with four counts of murder and two attempted murder charges stemming from the fatal shooting of three people, including a police officer and an apostolic sect leader, in Wedza. A fourth murder charge was added during the police investigation when they found documents in his vehicle indicating he had been treated for elbow injuries, matching Eusen’s previous statements.

It is alleged that Muvevi shot Round in the head on November 19, killing him instantly and later captured and threw Eusen in his vehicle before escaping with two other unidentified men. Eusen was initially held as a suspect after the matter was reported.

The case has generated much interest in the community and the public is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the trial. The state and the defense are currently preparing their cases and the trial is expected to begin soon.