Aison Muvevi Charged with Additional Murder Count in High-Profile Shooting Case

January 21, 2023
Muvhevhi | Report Focus News

Aison Muvevi, the man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer, an apostolic sect leader, and a bartender, has been charged with an additional count of murder. The 43-year-old suspect appeared in court on Friday and it emerged that he had killed another person in November of last year.

According to police, while investigating the current crimes, they discovered medical documents linking Muvevi to the murder of Nyarai Round from Chinamhora, Domboshawa outside Harare. The court heard that Muvevi allegedly shot Round in Harare’s Eastlea suburb on November 19th of last year, while in the company of two other men who have not been identified.

In addition to the murder of Round, Muvevi is also accused of killing Wedza police station officer in charge Maxwell Hove and Munashe Munjani, a bartender at Murambinda business center on January 13th of this year. He is also facing two counts of attempted murder.

Muvevi was not asked to plead when he appeared in court on Friday and was remanded in custody until February 6th. He has been advised to seek bail at the High Court.

This case has become one of the most followed crime stories in the country in recent years. The public is closely following the developments in the case and awaiting the outcome of the trial.