22-Seater Bus Carrying 36 Undocumented Zimbabweans Stopped on N1 Highway in South Africa

January 17, 2023
South Africa Home Affairs | Report Focus News
South Africa Home Affairs

Polokwane, South Africa – A 22-seater bus traveling from Zimbabwe to Cape Town was recently stopped on the N1 highway in South Africa while carrying 36 undocumented Zimbabwean passengers. Transport spokesperson Tidimalo Chuene confirmed that the bus was stopped at around 8:00 AM on Friday morning along the N1 on the Mashishing and Silicone bypass.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that the overloaded vehicle did not have an operating permit to travel in South Africa. Chuene stated, “The SAPS and Department of Home Affairs will conduct investigations and verification of the legal traveling documents of the passengers.”

The transport department expressed concern over the increasing number of incidents involving illegal foreign vehicles traveling in South Africa without proper documents. Chuene went on to say, “We call on all foreign drivers to respect the laws of the country and apply for proper documents when entering the country.”

South Africa is currently on a crackdown against undocumented immigrants, with a large number of Zimbabweans expected to be sent back due to expired permits. The country has been struggling with a high number of illegal immigrants, and this recent incident highlights the need for stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

This is not the first time a bus carrying illegal immigrants has been stopped in South Africa. Recently, the authorities have been cracking down on illegal immigration, and this incident serves as a reminder of the need for proper documentation when traveling across borders.”