Zimbabwean DJ Fantan Accuses Winky D of Exploiting Young Artists in Controversial Album “Eureka Eureka”

January 11, 2023
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Fantan Chillspot

Harare, Zimbabwe – Controversial disk jockey, Arnold Kamudyariwa, popularly known as DJ Fantan, has launched a scathing attack on Zimbabwean dancehall sensation Winky D, accusing him of exploiting young artists in his latest album, “Eureka Eureka.”

The album, which was released recently, received widespread attention for its strong connotations on social injustices and problems bedevilling the country. However, Fantan, a producer and music industry veteran, has castigated Winky D, saying that the album has inherently tarnished the images of the young artists featured on it.

“I have been ignoring calls to comment about Winky D’s album. Yes I was excited to hear about the project. I was happy to see other artists featuring for once on his projects,” Fantan said in an interview. “But as an elder in the music industry, when you do certain projects you must enlighten the youths you engage that you are being funded and you are recording a political album so that they make informed decisions on whether to feature or not,” he added.

Fantan claims that the young artists featured on “Eureka Eureka” are now lamenting the loss of corporate opportunities due to the nature of the project they helped to bring to life. According to him, the artists are claiming that they were “thrown under the bus” by Winky D, and that companies no longer want to associate with them because they do not want their brands associated with the political nature of the project.

Winky D has yet to respond to these accusations, but the controversy has sparked heated debate within the music industry, with some supporting Fantan’s claims and others defending Winky D’s artistic freedom.

Despite the controversy, “Eureka Eureka” continues to receive positive reviews and has become one of the most talked-about albums in the country. Fans of the album have lauded its strong social commentary and powerful message, while others have criticized it for being too political and potentially damaging to the young artists involved.