Protests planned in Gauteng over foreign nationals in public schools

January 11, 2023
Members of civil organisation | Report Focus News
Members of civil organisation

Johannesburg – Members of the civil organization movement Operation Dudula are planning to hold a picket in the Pimville area of Johannesburg on January 12, 2023, to protest what they perceive as the overrepresentation of foreign nationals in public schools in the Gauteng province. The picket is planned to take place outside of Soweto College, and similar protests are planned in other parts of the province, including Johannesburg, Sandton, Tshwane, and Ekurhuleni. The picket is expected to occur just two days before the start of the 2023 school year.

The protesters have stated that they want the Department of Education to prioritize local residents when it comes to assigning spots in public schools. They also express that they are frustrated with the high number of illegal immigrants in the country, and believe it is causing problems for their children and local job market. Some of the protesters also plan to scrutinize people entering the offices to see if they are not illegal foreigners, and said they will also picket at schools in Soweto that they believe are hiring foreign nationals.

“We want the department of education to prioritize locals when it comes to the allocation of spaces at public schools,” said one member of the movement.

“There is a high number of illegal foreigners in the country; this has caused a lot of problems for our children. We don’t want foreigners here,” said an Operation Dudula member.

“Our children are suffering and can’t get schools. They (foreign nationals) must leave. We don’t want them here. Our sisters are unemployed, yet they have degrees. The department is giving jobs to foreigners, yet our sisters are unemployed. We are struggling as South Africans,” said another member.

“We can’t have this situation of being dominated by Mozambicans and Zimbabweans. South Africa is for South Africans. They must go and fix their countries. When we visit their countries, we are monitored and punished, but yet they come here to make our country their playground,” said another Dudula member.

The police are on scene to ensure that the situation does not escalate. The public is encouraged to avoid the area and to monitor the news for updates on the situation.