More than 50,000 Zimbabwean Teachers Plan to Strike Over Low Pay

January 3, 2023
| Report Focus News

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has announced that over 50,000 teachers are planning to go on strike when schools reopen next week.

In a statement, the union explained that it will organize mass collective actions in an effort to pressure the government to reinstate the $540 monthly salary for teachers.

According to ARTUZ, 99% of the 52,340 teachers they surveyed support the idea of a job action. The union argued that the current salary of $250, including $200 in allowances, is not enough to cover the cost of living for teachers, who are responsible for paying for housing, education, and healthcare for their families.

Teachers in Zimbabwe have long complained about low pay and have frequently gone on strike, leading to disruptions in the school year and arrests for protesting.