Bulawayo Mayor Urges Residents to Fulfill Financial Obligations

December 27, 2022
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Solomon Mguni1 1200x675 1

Bulawayo Mayor Solomon Mguni has called on residents to fulfill their outstanding financial obligations to the city, which currently total ZW$31.4 billion. In a Christmas message to residents, Mguni implored ratepayers to pay their bills in order to enable the local authority to provide smooth service to the community.

Mguni also promised better service delivery to residents in 2023, stating that it will be significantly based on strong relationships with local business and stakeholder groups for the development of the city. He added that the council is committed to creating a clean and environmentally friendly city, with plans in place to improve waste collection in residential, commercial, and central business district areas through community engagement.

The mayor also addressed the issue of erratic water provision in the city, which has been exacerbated by recent electricity challenges affecting pumping and water treatment works. He emphasized the importance of timely payment in enabling the council to deliver smooth services to residents, as delayed payments often hamper the council’s abilities.

In conclusion, Mguni assured residents of the council’s commitment to improved municipal services in 2023 and emphasized the importance of all stakeholders working together for the development of the city. He also stressed the council’s commitment to good governance and stated that it will not tolerate corrupt dealings or underperformance by either councillors or staff.