Breaking News: Woman Gives Birth, Stabbing Infant Shortly After

December 22, 2022
IPSS Medical Rescue | Report Focus News
IPSS Medical Rescue

In a shocking and tragic incident, a woman in Sundumbili on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast has given birth and then immediately stabbed the infant to death. The incident occurred in a toilet at a local shopping center on Wednesday. IPSS Medical Rescue, a local emergency service, was called to the scene and found the woman holding the lifeless body of her baby. It was later determined that the woman had given birth to the baby in the bathroom and then killed it with some sort of object.

The matter has been handed over to the local police, who have taken the woman into custody and will investigate the matter further. This tragic event has sent shockwaves throughout the community and highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues and providing support for new mothers.

More information on this disturbing incident will be provided as it becomes available. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim during this difficult time.