Paloma Mlunjwana Claps back and corrects the narrative

August 11, 2022
Paloma Mlunjwana | Report Focus News
Paloma Mlunjwana the talented reality TV star took time off her new set ‘Queens of Mzansi’ to set the record straight.

Paloma Mlunjwana the talented reality TV star took time off her new set ‘Queens of Mzansi’ to set the record straight.

Paloma who was one of the main casts on Showmax’s popular reality show ‘Diamond & Dolls’ spoke out against misleading and false assertions made about her regarding her personal and family background.

Speaking to Report Focus News the South African based socialite said

“I have seen these slanderous statements that claim that I struggled financially in my younger years and that my fortunes changed after meeting a sugar daddy online. Nothing could be further from the truth than these malicious statements.”

“As a matter of fact, I come from a very blessed family with a strong line of strong women who stand their own with regards business and entrepreneurial prowess.

My mother is a successful businesswoman who runs a very successful health care provision company in the U.K. and my sister is a well-to-do sunglasses designer with a range of top brand sunglasses.”

“I was never in and have never been in any financial struggle, I was privileged to have access to private school education in my younger years and I am thankful and grateful to God for such blessings. My mother worked hard to make sure all my needs were provided for. And thanks to her I learnt to stand on my own feet and hustle. She instilled in me a relentless work ethic which resulted in me being the successful entrepreneur that I am today.”

Paloma further stated her dismay saying,

“I find such carelessly made statements aimed to soil my person and image not only offensive to me but an insult to my mother. How can someone who knows nothing about my background utter such frivolous drivel?”

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Paloma went on to say people should not weaponize the internet.

“The accessibility of internet to common man has changed everyone lives. The platform provided by the internet has made human interaction easier than ever before. However, such increase in convenience of communication has proportionally increased the inconvenience caused by the abuse of the mediums of communication. Removing barriers to freedom of interaction, has given unfettered capabilities, primarily on social networking sites, to people who post unnecessary and false statements about a person and thereby harming their goodwill and reputation. Such an act, though colloquially known as “trolls”, actually amounts to cyber defamation.

I am a socialite who has a love for finer things of life and as a public figure I share selected parts of my life and understandably there are people that will troll you and try to slander you and knock you off balance. I had to set the record straight and remind people that behind the glitz and glamour is a hard working educated entrepreneur, and mind you game recognises game. I am a powerful Queen I only attract powerful and wealthy men. That is my type. I only attract what fits in with my lifestyle, that said there is no need to keep using this as a way to attack me.” Said Paloma

Paloma who amongst other things is studying towards her master’s in business administration (MBA) and has attained two degrees in the last four years graduated cum laude.| Report Focus News

Paloma is back on the screens with yet another hot television show “Queens of Mzansi” which has a cast that flexes brain power.

The line-up showcases the likes of Samke Mhlongo who has a background in finance and is the author of Ringfence. Lucky Mthembu a renowned gender-based violence activist and former beauty queen.

Siphelele Ndaba a scientist and body positivity activist. And Futhi Mthembu who owns a construction company and will soon be launching her own perfume line.

No doubt Paloma will hold her own and showcase her grit in this new television show Queens of Mzansi.