DJ Mel, ‘Queen of Happy’ Speaks On Why Charity Work Is Important

April 21, 2022
| Report Focus News
Photos courtesy of Ruvalia entertainment

DJ Mel, affectionately known to her followers as ‘Queen of Happy’, spoke to Report Focus News about her recent trip to Zimbabwe, behind her much talked about partying and dancing is a serious passion for charity and helping the less privileged in our communities.

DJ Mel visited Zimbabwe in March/April, 2022 where she made headlines for partying and dancing with the likes of Baba Harare and of course gracing the Mai TT wedding. But little is said about DJ Mel’s love for charity and her passion for helping the less privileged and forgotten in our communities.

“I visited Young Africans Transformation Trust children’s home which is located in Chigomo, a squatter community along Old Mazowe Road, they have 70 kids under their care at that place. The ages of these children rage from 4-17 years old.
It’s places like this (Chigomo) that I want to highlight and draw people’s attention to”
Being kind to one another seems so simple but in these difficult economic times we need kindness and compassion more than ever. I am willing to use the spotlight and little influence that I have to champion the drive to fundraise for this charity.”

“I am first of all a mother, before entertainer. I know that as a female DJ and entertainer what the public see is the entertainer and some may not know or see beyond that. But I am a compassionate loving mother, with a passion for charity and helping the less fortunate and under privileged.”

DJ Mel who is a mother of two said, she realised it is important for children to have a good childhood. She hopes her efforts to use her celebrity status to highlight and showcase places like Young Africans Transformation Trust children’s home.
I want everyone to know there are more, and in some cases, bigger ways to contribute with just small acts of kindness.

When I help people especially young children that can’t help themselves, it is the most heart warming feeling in the world!

I don’t talk about charity often because I truly believe that acts of kindness can be done in private or in silence. To me, boasting about charity never feels like it’s coming from the right place. The only reason I’m talking about this is I really wanted to highlight and put a spotlight on
Young Africans Transformation Trust children’s home. I want my friends and followers to help this children’s home in whatever way possible.

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