Former Cricketer Saurombe dies after trying to jump over gate

April 5, 2022
Procter Saurombe in his haydays | Report Focus News
Procter Saurombe in his haydays

The death of former Cricketer Procter Saurombe has shocked many local residents. The Zimbabwean cricketer suffered a horrific death. He was pierced by sharp security spikes on the gate of his family home in Glen Norah. He was 43.

The ex-cricketer’s lifeless body was found in the early hours of Monday morning trapped on the security spikes at the gate. It is said that Sauromba had tried to jump over.

It is alleged that Saurombe had gone out for drinks and upon return in his drunken state he attempted to scale over the gate and this resulted in his fatal demise.

Residents of Glen View, which is one of Harare’s oldest high-density suburbs woke up the horrific sight of the cricketer’s lifeless body hanging by the gate. Police were called to the scene and in typical Zimbabwean fashion turned up late to attend to the scene.

His body was left dangling on the gate for a while.

Procter Saurombe suffered a horrific death | Report Focus News
His body was left dangling on the gate for a while

Some residents speculated that it could have been murder. People in the locale area questioned the position in which the body was found and raised suspicions that there could have been foul play. However, the authorities were quick to rule out foul play and they are not treating his death as suspicious.

No post-mortem had been carried out at the time, nonetheless, the police seem to have concluded perhaps prematurely that it was accidental death due to his ‘assumed‘ intoxicated state.

His body dangled by the gate, suspended by his shorts which were trapped by one of the spikes.

One of his shoes was off his foot and placed on one of the spikes.

It all looked as if he had been placed in that position as opposed to him failing to scale over the gate.

Saurombe was raised in Glen Norah and was introduced to cricket at Shiriyedenga Primary School in the area through the Zimbabwean cricket board’s grassroots development programme.

He was granted a cricket scholarship at Prince Edward School in the early ’90s.

At Prince Edward, Saurombe rose through the different age groups, up to the first team, touring the United Kingdom with the side in 1995.

At the time of his death, Saurombe was umpiring club matches and had also been coaching cricket at his former school, Prince Edward, for a number of years.