Khanyi Mbau thanks her boyfriend for supporting her acting career

March 11, 2022
| Report Focus News
Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai

It is perhaps time for Africans to understand the difference between real life and acting.

We should be able to distinguish between life on screen and real life.

South African actress and controversial socialite Khanyi Mbau came under a lot of fire from viewers for her rather raunchy scenes on popular television series The Wife.

Some fans of The Wife on Showmax, were infuriated by the steamy scenes on the show.

The explicit intimate scenes between Khanyi Mbau and Mondli Makhoba, who play characters Zandile and Nkosana Zulu respectively, have caused a raucous response from some fans who are complaining these interactions are some of the most raunchiest to be seen on African television yet.

But the actress – who is engaged to businessman Kudzai Mushonga – claims her real-life love life has not been impacted by her popular role.

Is it time for viewers to learn to separate real life from television life?

Taking to Instagram in the wake of yet another saucy sex scene from The Wife, Khanyi Mbau posted a picture of herself and Kudzai.

In the post, she thanked her fiance for his love and support of her career.

She wrote: “Your level of support baby, the way you let me chase my dreams and want to see become the best in all I do is incredible and honestly the wind beneath my wind.

“My silent cheerleader and fighter, my family, my guide. How do you do it? Truly beats me.

“My love , my hubby .. my heart.. thank you for remaining constant”.

To spare her fiance any humiliation, Khanyi Mbau turned off the Instagram comments on the post. Kudzai deleted his own Instagram account last year after the couple made headlines over a tiff in Dubai.