Zimbabwean socialite Loloskloset flying high

February 25, 2022
Loloskloset i | Report Focus News

Zimbabwean socialite Loloskloset is flying high. Paloma Mlunjwana who resides in South Africa is holding it down for Zimbabwe in a new reality television show Diamond & Dolls on Showmax, South Africa’s biggest online subscription video on demand service.

Showmax announced that Diamond & Dolls is coming out in March, Loloskloset is part of a group of high-end socialites to star in this reality television show that will document their journey to find fame and wealth.

Like a fish to water, Loloskloset has embraced her new found role in reality television and is making big waves in what may arguably be the most entertaining reality television show in South Africa.

Described as a high-end socialite, her quick witted persona and charming exuberance definitely makes her a character not to be ignored.
She is known for her expensive trips worldwide and calls herself a wealth magnet.

Her ability to be the story and document and share some of her personal life experiences saw her open up about having liposuction something she shared on her social media platform ( Instagram) with her fans.

Loloskloset, has what it takes excel in reality television and follow in the footsteps of those who became household names from reality television shows.

The new millennium brought with it the now dominate genre: reality TV, with shows such as Big Brother creating a big boom for this genre. Consequently rolling out other successors including Pop Idol, The Apprentice, The X Factor and many more.

Diamond & Dolls is unlike the singing shows such as X Factor whose greatest selling-point is the “rags to riches” narrative, where “normal” people offer emotive backstories on their way to having their lives transformed, while being at the mercy of the public vote and the press.
The likes of Loloskloset are by no means in ‘rags’.

It’s easy to see why well-off people would leap at the chance to appear on TV, with the potential of fame and more money on offer. But what do viewers get out of watching them? A simultaneous mix of fantasy, escapism and schadenfreude, perhaps.

For most of us it’s perhaps secretly satisfying to learn that the wealthy also have lots of problems – and sometimes their problems are even worse than our own

Reality television shows have engineered a key shift in celebrity culture, which paved the way for the influencer era of today.