No access to public spaces for unvaccinated Rwandans – Prime Minister

January 27, 2022
Zimbabwe Records Zero Covid 19 Deaths | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe Records Zero Covid-19 Deaths

Rwandan citizens and residents must be fully vaccinated against Covid to access public spaces and events, a statement by the prime minister says.

A nightly curfew will begin from midnight, and night clubs and music concerts are set to reopen.

Nearly seven million out of a population of 13 million have been fully vaccinated in Rwanda, while more than eight million have got the first jab.

That’s one of the highest rates in Africa relative to its population, and the first in East Africa.

But Wednesday night’s decision means that millions of people still need to get the second jab to access public places.

Though vaccination is voluntarily, there have been reports of people being vaccinated by force, and some have fled to neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi to escape the jab.

A government spokesperson admitted to the French national broadcaster, RFI, that some authorities “might be too zealous” in their campaign but it was not the government’s policy.