Hero Sirizani Butau Rescues 8 people from burning bus

December 25, 2021
| Report Focus News

A Kadoma man named as Sirizani Butau rescued 8 people from a burning bus.

Butau’s heroics left him with burns and he has been praised for his selfless act. He managed to pull out 8 people from the burning Beta bus.

A yet to be confirmed number of Zimbabweans were on Friday burnt beyond recognition when a bus they were traveling in collided with a fuel tanker in the country’s Manicaland province.

The bus belonging to Beta Private Limited is said to have collided with a fuel tanker, which burst into flames and people were burnt beyond recognition.

But not all were burnt to ashes, because of hero Sirizani Butau who risked his life dragging out 8 passengers to safety.
Photos of Sirizani Butau circulating on social media brought back a sense of restored hope in human goodness on the morning of Christmas as people learnt of the tragedy and the hope that hero Sirizani Butau restored through his heroic rescuing acts.

One wonders what Butau’s wife may have thought seeing him come home with burns?

Her reaction when he explained what happened she most probably was really happy he’d helped them out.

The nation of Zimbabwe and indeed all the world has nothing but praise for Butau’s actions.

It is very encouraging to see the response from Zimbabweans who are seeking Butau’s whereabouts, many want to assist him with his own personal medical needs following images circulating showing that he sustained burns.
Some of the comments from loving Zimbabweans said:

“He helped save 8 lives and he must get help cover his medical bills.”

“What Butau did not many would have done.”

Another said “the government needs to treat his burns for free, but our government doesn’t care about true heroes.”