French President Macron struck by an egg in second attack

September 27, 2021
French President Macron | Report Focus News
French President Macron

Emmanuel Macron was struck by a small projectile — believed to be an egg — while surrounded by press and members of the public in Lyon.

The object struck the French president on the side of the face before bouncing away during a visit to the Eurexpo convention centre.

According to Lyon Mag, whose reporters filmed the incident, the young man who threw the object made a gesture of protest and shouted “vive la révolution”. He can be seen being placed in handcuffs by security services in their video.

In June this year Emmanuel Macron was slapped across the face and told to ‘f*** off’ as he greeted voters during a walkabout in France.

The assailant took the French President by the arm, appearing to stop him for a chat, before shouting: ‘Down with Macronia’ (‘A Bas La Macronie’) as he struck his face.

These two separate attacks represent a serious security breach and May overshadow Macron’s ‘Tour de France’ which he said was designed to ‘take the pulse of the nation.’