A Lazzie T masterpiece; coronavirus lamentation “Keep on Fighting”

September 11, 2021
| Report Focus News

He composed this masterpiece at a time musicians couldn’t perform on the road. This was at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Lazzie T proved that he was versatile and still able to create something special even during the darkest moments of a global lockdown.

The Zimbabwean born reggae sensation released a string of hit songs during the lockdown but his song “Keep on Fighting” is a masterpiece, a timely response and lamentation, indeed a song related to life in quarantine and social distancing in the age and height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Report Focus News, Lazzie T said, “ I created that song in quarantine or shall I say lockdown. It is a song from the heart a lamentation written while homebound due to the spread of COVID-19.”

It came at a time when we were urged to stay at home, a time when masks covered over mouths and hid our smiles.

A time when we were separated from our loved ones. This song (Keep on Fighting) was a lamentation reflecting the mood of a world dramatically altered by the spreading coronavirus”.

Singing lyrics like “keep on fighting for the world to be a better place,” Lazzie T described the recording session as “very weird.”

“There was hardly anybody in my home studio and I was not used to working all on my own, hence the (Hamadzangu ndidaireyi) my people people please respond to me.

People got so caught up in the fear of the virus and some became very lonely, and isolated many lost hope and many suffered from different form of depression and anxiety caused by isolation and the restrictions brought upon us by Covid.

It was just very surreal that we couldn’t even say hello to each other by way of handshake or hug.”

“Keep on fighting ” recalls the simple things people miss today — embracing family members, eating at a restaurant, socializing with friends or going to a movie.

“You don’t think about how cool that stuff is to do until you don’t get to do it anymore,” Lazzie T said.

Listen to his masterpiece “Keep on Fighting” open the link below.

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