Gospel Music Review Antonett Mabhena’s debut single ‘Bayede’

March 5, 2021
Antonett Mabhena | Report Focus News
Antonett Mabhena

Her voice is charming; her music is refreshing and new. The debut track ‘Bayede’ by gospel singer Antonett Mabhena is already proving to be an extraordinary inspiration to gospel music enthusiasts music lovers in general.

I, personally, was impressed by Antonett’s compelling performance on what has become my favorite gospel song of the moment , Bayede. She beautifully weaves her soulful vocals which are a seamless mixture of Shona and Zulu/Ndebele lyrics into the soft rock like instrumental arrangement creating what can only be described as musical beauty.

Spiritually armed and shooting for the heart, gospel singing sensation Antonett Mabhena’s debut single shows that she has much to offer. (Things as they say can only better).
Her debut track Bayede comes fully loaded with a combination of vocals and music that range from emotionally uplifting to spiritually exhilarating. There’s never a dull moment on this track from first to last note.
It is a very timely reminder to praise and trust in God even though times may be rough.
In the midst of a pandemic such as we find the world in today, people are indeed, likely struggling with fear, anxiety, grief, and uncertainty. We can’t know what the future will hold, but we know this: our hope in Christ is secure.
Songs such as Bayede are some of the most powerful tools to reinforce the truth of the gospel during difficult times. They make truth ‘portable’—meaning, people rarely remember word-for-word quotes from sermons, but they often know every word of some songs.

I recommend you turn the lights down low and listen to the soft sounding melodies, In This beautiful track Bayede.
It is more than a sermon it is a reassuring testimony, a praise anthem, a soulful song of thanksgiving.

Listen to the song in the link below: