Malawi kick starts Shepherd Bushiri extradition

December 14, 2020
| Report Focus News

Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary now face an eminent extradition back to South Africa where they face a litany of charges ranging from money laundering, fraud and rape.The couple skipped bail and mysteriously fled to Malawi sometime in November and it is still to be ascertained as to how they left South Africa.

However, after a concerted effort to have them come back to face and answer charges to their alleged crimes South African authorities petitioned the Malawian government to extradite the couple who are said to be holders of Malawian diplomatic passports.

A few weeks ago South Africa requested that the couple be sent back to South Africa to stand trail. It is now reported that Malawi has given a nod to start the process to extradite Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his Wife Mary.
A few days after Bushiri escaped to Malawi he catalogued a raft of demands which he wanted satisfied before he could return to stand trail in South Africa.

Bushiri cited amongst other things that his life and that of his wife were in great danger.

However, Malawi Attorney General Dr Chikosa Silungwe has given consent for the two to be extradited and has since told the Ministry of Homeland Security to kick-start the process of extradition.
This means once the Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda issues a go-ahead, the two shall be extradited to South Africa.

Bushiri’s lawyer Wapona Kita refused to comment on these developments saying he had not yet got any report as the issue was still being considered at Ministry level first.
The South African government had written to Malawi to extradite the two.

In his earlier interviews and statements Bushiri indicated that he was ready to go and face trail to defend his name and person but demanded that the South African government remove some of the prosecuting team whom he accused of corruption so he gets a fair trial.

A week ago, some of Malawi’s Traditional Leaders and others in influential quarters and religious sections weighed in on the matter through the Media, urging the Malawian government to consider not to extradite Bushiri. They echoed Bushiri’s sentiments citing security fears and concerns for Bushiri’s safety.

The leaders questioned whether Bushiri would be granted safety and doubted if he would be accorded fair trial?

However, there are some who argue that there should not be preferential treatment or favours granted to Bushiri as this would set a wrong precedent.